Artist of the Year – GLOBE Awards finalist – LGBTIQ Photographer

Sure, I’m a same-sex wedding photographer but I am also a very passionate artist and an activist. I believe in equality, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or age.

From 2014 to 2016 I worked on a photographic art project for marriage equality, called The In Bed Project.

The project has received great press, featuring in local papers, mainstream press and even archived in the National Library of Australia – Pandora Digital Archives. The reach of the project has been far greater than I ever thought possible when I first started this journey.

Last month I had the honour of being selected as a finalist in the category of “Artist of the Year” at the 2016 GLOBE awards (Gay Lesbian Organisation Business Enterprise)

It was an amazing feeling to be nominated and to have my work within the LGBTI community acknowledged. A lot of energy went into creating the project. With over 130 portraits from around Australia and New Zealand, it was no small feat.

I’d like to thank all the In Bed Project participants, for their support. It took courage to let a random stranger into your homes (and bedrooms) and to share your stories.

Over the last two years I have met some truly amazing and inspiring people. Over endless of cups of tea I have laughed and cried and forged many friendships.

I didn’t win the award, but do I feel like I walked away a winner? Damn right I do!

Much love folks and thanks again xxx