Regisrty Wedding. Spring Street, Melbourne.

Short and Sweet Registry Weddings

It’s funny how life can take you on unexpected Journeys. When I started wedding photography I thought in order to tell the whole wedding story I needed to be on location the whole day – and this is true, to a point.

Also true – You can tell equally powerful stories in a shorter time. This is because regardless of the time on location the real story lies in the moments.

So why do I offer wedding packages that require only a few hours of photographic coverage when many professional photographers will only do full day coverage? Firstly, I’m a documentary photographer, I don’t have a swag of assistants and lighting gear, it’s easy for me to do short and sweet wedding packages. But most importantly, I offer them because I’m a story teller and I believe there is as big a story in an elopement and/or registry wedding as there is in a full day wedding.

So, if you’re planning an elopement, a registry wedding, if you have budget constraints, or you only need a wedding photographer for a few hours, get in touch! Because no matter how grand or intimate your wedding, it’s the moments that make the story and I love a good story!