a little bit about me and how I work …

THE PARTY: I am a documentary photographer. I always have my camera with me. Even when I’m not working you’ll find me quietly observing life through the lens. I believe that everything is inseparably connected with everything else and documentary photography is about capturing the unguarded moments in-between. So whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding or a social change initiative my style of photography is about capturing the real stuff.

Documentary photography is very different to traditional, posed photography. It’s about observing the event as it unfolds and photographing it. It’s not about posing or orchestrating moments. It’s about fine observation and waiting for those magical candid moments to reveal themselves.

I don’t carry a lot of gear. There’ll be no lighting rig and swag of assistants. This is because I roam around (a lot!) looking for those perfect shots of you and your people. (it’s kinda hard to roam around discreetly with a lighting rig)

I appreciate that most events and weddings will have some formal photography (imagine telling the “marketing department” there’ll be no formal shots!) but please consider keeping these to a minimum. Too much formal photography interrupts the magic of what I do best, capturing the real nitty gritty, the candid, honest, authentic moments.

THE AFTER PARTY (aka post-production): I don’t just take photos, I also make photos. What does that mean? It means every photograph you receive will have gone through the Lisa test. I personally edit and process every one of the selected images to ensure you receive the very best photographs. Images that both tell your story and remain true to my style of photography. Sure, this is all included in my flat-fee pricing packages but more than that it’s something I love doing.




You can’t hurry love… (aka waiting for magic)

We can all take a photo, but to go beyond the surface, beyond the tangible things and the pretty shapes, it takes experience. It takes years of experience to capture that  je ne sais quoi. (translation: a quality that cannot be described or named easily) 

Photography has taught me to slow down, to quietly observe everything and to wait for those magical moments to reveal themselves.

If you’re looking for a photographer that likes using french words, won’t get in your way and will capture your awesomeness in an awesome way… get in touch