A dynamic candid photograph of the entire wedding party and guests gathering on the front steps of the wedding venue. Documentary style wedding photography Melbourne

Photography for realists

Depicting life with the honesty it deserves

Documentary style photography for events, weddings and social change initiatives

Picture this, a David Attenborough film crew approaches a herd of grazing gazelles. The gazelles immediately become alert and alarmed. The film crew wait. Slowly the herd realises that the film crew are no threat and return to sipping their champagne. The film crew can now capture the real stuff. At no point does the crew ask the gazelles to hold hooves and gaze lovingly into each others eyes. That’s how documentary photography works. No posing, no orchestrated moments, just fine observation.

Event Photography

From christenings to birthdays, engagements to anniversaries. If you want to celebrate it, I’ll photograph it.

Social Change Photography

Real people, real change, one image at a time.

Wedding Photography

Relax, sip your champagne, leave it to me to capture your day. The big moments, the little moments and everything in between.


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